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Bronies come from all walks of life, but most of us have one thing in common: we enjoy the lovable TV show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Most discussions about it belong here, whether you're speculating about the next episode, dissecting a character's personality or discussing aspects of the vast world of Equestria.

Please make an effort to tag your topics with relevant words. For example, if your topic is an analysis of Fluttershy's personality, add tags such as Fluttershy, personality and analysis to it. Also, if you're sharing leaked material, give it leak and spoiler tags, or even put '[spoiler]' at the start of your topic title. Tags are a great way to see at a glance what a topic is about and help to keep content organized as the community grows.


Got a new topic in mind? Great! Keep in mind though that broad topics like 'what's your favorite episode?', 'episode ideas?', 'how long will bronydom last?', etc, are likely to already exist. We request that, while posting, everyone keep in mind that searching for something can be very worthwhile. If our site's search function doesn't garnish adequate results, you can always use Google's effective site-specific search feature. Type in 'site:mlpforums.com', and then your search term!


Global Rules -- Read Before Posting

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Season 1 Discussion

Discuss episodes from season 1, here!
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Season 2 Discussion

Discuss episodes from season 2, here!
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Season 3 Discussion

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Season 4 Discussion

Discuss episodes from season 4, here!

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Season 5 Discussion

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Season 6 Discussion

Discuss episodes from season 6, here!

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S06:E19 - The Fault In Our... - last post by Neo_Shiron

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