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*After disappearing for an indefinite amount of time, Princess Luna has finally made her return*

Huzzah! I have finally returned! It appears that the Moon Party had become very festive in my absence. 

Although, I must admit. I was a bit surprised at how eager everyone was about being banished to the moon. Rather, it looks like everyone was truly looking forward to the Moon Party that I had mentioned.

Even so, my dear sister, Celestia, was able to help gather everyone together to join in on the thankfulness and spirit of the holidays. It was more than enough to help me return. Together with my sister, we were able to help everyone that had been banished! 

*The Moon Princess looks to all of her subjects with a serene smile*

I thank you all for taking part in the fun and I hope you all enjoyed your time at the party. Perhaps we can have another party like this next year! However, the party doesn't have to stop here. Even if the party isn't on the Moon, there's always a time for the fun to be doubled!

*Princess Luna makes her way towards Celestia and her friends to join in on the fun*


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On 2023-11-17 at 4:07 AM, Comrade Friendship said:


Guys, guys best pony Hadrien tagged me!!!

Seriously though, thanks man you're the best and could totally be the princess of friendship :twi:

Big hugs to you!


Some cool people I've met here include:

@Hadrien :love:

@Verdant Shy


@Planeswalker Silky



Thanks^^ /)

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On 2023-11-18 at 1:01 PM, TheRockARooster said:





@apple Lilly 

@Altastrofae 🌊







@Arc Flash 

@Astral Soul

@Aticus the Adequate

@Aurora Wolf




@Bakugou is my Man




@Blitz Boom 





@Cash In


@Catpone Cerberus








@Cookie <3

@Courageous Thunder Dash



@Cyclone 1066




@Dark Bun

@Dark Horse

@Dark Qiviut 


@Deae Rising Shine~


@Dita Bear

@Diva Pony


@DJ Wolfe


@Dynamo Pad

@Drago Ryder

@Ecto Storm

@Emerald Heart 

@Emiko Gale



@Eren Jaeger 


@Felis Amafeles





@Fluttershy Friend







@Ghostie boi 

@Golden Lyrics 

@Gone Airbourne


@Gun Metal Zebra


@Happy Heart

@Harmony Spark





@Jackie Snack

@Jade Fire






@Katie Cadet

@King of Canterlot 

@Kotodama Dash 




@Lady Kiriness 



@Le Trotteur Sauvage

@Lektra Bolt 

@Light Blade 

@Literally Snails



@Lord Bradley 

@Lord Valtasar 

@Lucky Bolt



@Luna the Great of all the Russias


@Lunar Echo

@Lunar Glow


@Madame Rarity

@Magic Note 




@Mentis Soliloquy

@Midnight Blossom

@Midnight Danny 





@Misty Breeze 

@Moondrop 💧

@Nature Tune 

@Neon Proxy

@Nervous Stitch

@Nightfall Gloam 

@Nsxile 🔥🐲



@Pandora 🐼

@Pastel Heart 


@Patty Thundersnow



@Platinum Night


@Princess Moonlight


@Props Valroa



@Rainy Day



@Rarity the Snowperior



@Reality Check 

@Regal Shadow

@reject pegasus

@Renegade the Unicorn

@Rising Dusk





@Samurai Equine

@Sapphire Lightning




@Scarlet Time


@Sherbie-kun <3


@Shiny Silvermoon



@Silly Druid



@Sir Hugsalot

@Skylight Scintillate




@Sonic Shimmer

@Sophie H. 




@Spooky Brony 42 

@Star Silk


@Stardust Balance




@Starset Twinkle


@Steve Piranha

@Stone Cold Steve Tuna 



@Summer Breeze 


@Svetlana Note 

@Sven Utacien

@Sweet Palette

@Sweet Pen 





@That Guy with the CMB




@Thunderbass (Ceased)



@Tom Gallagher

@Totally Nyx



@Treeglow Flicker


@Tropical Melody

@Trot Shuffle 


@Twilight Luna

@Twisted Cyclone 🚓


@Untitled Goose Q


@Vampira Heart 

@Victoria Sponge 





@Will Guide

@Windy Breeze 

@Wolf of Shadows


@Yellow Diamond


@Zeal Crown


Got a notification for the first time in years. I have no idea what this is for tho... Thought it was a message. 

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8 minutes ago, Sapphire Lightning said:

Got a notification for the first time in years. I have no idea what this is for tho... Thought it was a message. 

I'm tagging you and others who I'm grateful to know, Sapphire. :kindness::coco:

I need to edit some of this list though.

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