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Wussup everypony! Time to boost up some confidence and appreciation!  I thought it would be cool to share what makes you feel awesome or share with us a person who you think is awesome! I get it that sometimes talking about yourself is not everypony thing, so if you can't think of anything- share with us what accomplishments you are most proud of! It can be small or big! The point is, life will try to beat us down, but we're not gonna take it and instead focus on our strength despite being told otherwise! Alright enough of pep talk, let's gooo and be 220% cooler!


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Got some big changes coming up this year. Starting a new chapter of my life in a new place. Ngl I’m nervous, but excited at the same time! Hopefully everything goes right. In the meantime I’m gonna keep working out and get in better shape before then!

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Great words, Dashie. :adorkable: I must admit, you and your five friends are what make me feel awesome! :wub: Not to mention, all of my incredible forum friends. There are too many to list but I really hope they all know how much they mean to me. :kindness:
I’m particularly proud of being able to sing and I really hope that I can use that to make others happy. :rarity:

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I'm now most of the way through my first year of university, and have done well in my classes throughout, despite a few rough patches as I got into the groove of living on my own.

Honestly, I think my motivation levels are the highest they've been since 2019. It's great having stuff to look forward to again!

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Some years ago, a friend of mine went on vacations with her girlfriend and her family. Apparently, things were not going too well between the two of them, and this was an opportunity to mend their relationship. But unfortunately it wasn't working out.
They were arguing over something. And then he left angry, went to the river for a swim. Just next to where they were having a picnic.

He walked into the river without a thought and started swimming like he was trying to escape from his problems. Going deeper and deeper. Well, in the center of the riverbed where the waters converged from different streams, the current was strong enough to form a whirlpool, but he did not know this. And without realizing it, he swam to that part of the river where the waters sucked him in, pulling his entire body underwater.
The family of this girl was watching him for a moment, and the next he disappeared from sight. My friend was trying to scream, but the current was drowning him, and only his arms could be seen trying to escape above the water from shore.

His girlfriend screamed and her family ran to the edge. But they were unable to reach him. And going into the water was too dangerous. As it could have caused another person to drown, especially for people without swimming practice.
But for some unknown reason, my friend's body was pushed towards the shore where they were able to cacth him, but he had already lost consciousness.
There on the rocky beach they put him on his back, but he had swallowed too much water already and was not breathing. They were trying to resuscitate him but none of them knew resuscitation techniques. No response.

Something funny that happened in such tragic moment is that the father of the girl called the emergency room for an ambulance. And he said, "My wife's boyfriend has drowned, help." And his wife looked at him strangely.
Later, he laughed about it when they told him. Also, he mentioned seeing nothing, only darkness during the five-ten minutes that he was, according to him, "dead".

Amidst the tumult and despair of the family, an stranger appeared out of nowhere among them, and without asking permission he began to practice first aid and conventional resuscitation techniques on him.
The stranger practiced mouth to mouth on my friend, and when this didn't work, he simply touched his chest. Placing his hand over my friend's heart.
As the girlfriend described it later, it is almost as if the shock from a defibrillator ran through his body. And my friend came back to life instantly, and started throwing up water nonstop, trying to get his breath back.

While the rest of his family were all over him. The stranger disappeared into the wilderness without a word.

The ambulance took another ten minutes to arrive. Since they were many miles from the closest town. So...

That night in the hospital. Still vomiting the rest of the water lodged in his lungs, he remembered asking them about this person who had saved his life.

I myself have a very particular physical appearance due to many different health issues in my nervous system, my thyroid and my teeth. Somehow, you could say I look pretty strange. The kind of person that is hard to find a lookalike in this world.

And the strangest thing of all, is that when they described the stranger. They described exactly the same characteristics of my physical appearance. Even my way of dressing. My friend didn't say anything.

A few days later, after he returned from his odyssey. He told me everything.
What is was weird is that somewhow I knew "something" had happened. And once he finished telling me all of it. There was no surprise whatsoever in me. And I couldn't bring myself to act surprised either. I looked at the ground. And it was in that moment when there was a "pause" and a kind of realization into his eyes, and he just stared at me in silence. I berated him for being stupidly reckless.

Neither of us said anything. It was a nice day in the square.

So, yeah. That is the miraculous story of my friend and his guardian angel, or at least the implication of how someone was able to bring him from the the dead. And that someone may have been me. I still cannot believe it myself. If it is true. Then, that would be pretty cool. So, yeah. Take that, jesus! Just kidding, but he said it himself. "Truly, I say to you, whoever believes in me will also do the works that I do; and greater works than these will he do".
The thing is that I do not believe in him, or anything anymore. It is still so hard to believe, after all that was allowed to happen. But, hey.

Still, pretty awesome. Right?

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Going to try to make homemade nanners bread tomorrow!  As for yesterday (given its like 1 30 am now) :sunbutt:. I got to read a book I've been trying to get my hands for two years! 

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These are my friends who are so awesome and have made my life awesome, Rainbow Dash. :wub:

I love them.

@Dreambiscuit @SixShooterOutlaw @9th Doctor Whooves @AJ2489 @Alexshy @AlphaPegasister @apple Lilly @Altastrofae 🌊 @Amanita@AngelsNight @Anneal @Annie @applesjck @AppleButt @Arc Flash @AriaTheLovely @Aurora Wolf @Bakugou is my Man @Bastian @BlackWater627 @Blitz Boom @BloodDrops @bubbleteapony @Cagey @Cash_In @CastletonSnob @chaosprincess @ChB @ChikaChan @Cinnamon Coffee @CinnamonPop @Cookie <3 @CrystalRarity @cuteycindyhoney @Cyclone 1066 @Cwanky @Dabmanz @darkwingmare @Dark Bun @Dark Horse @Dark Qiviut @DashYoshi @Deae Rising Shine~ @Denim&Venöm @Dita Bear @Diva Pony @DivineSpirit1000@Dynamo Pad @Drago Ryder @Ecto Storm @Emerald Heart @Emiko Gale @Envy @EpicEnergy @Eren Jaeger @ExplosionMare @FlitterFlutter @FlutterAether @FlutteringGuardian@Fluttershutter @Fluttershy Friend @Fluttershyfan94 @Flutterstep @Forbidden Gummy Bear @gamecubeguy214 @GarlandSouls@GeneralDirection @Golden Lyrics @Happy Heart @Harmony Spark @HereComesTom @iceestarz @Infernus @Jackie Snack @Jade Fire @Jasmine @Jedishy @Jeric @Johnny1226 @Julnt @King of Canterlot @Kujamih@Kyoshi @Lady Kiriness @Lavo @Le Trotteur Sauvage @Lektra Bolt @Light Blade @Literally Snails @Longhaul @Lord Bradley @Lord Valtasar @Lucky Bolt @luftschloss @Luna the Great of all the Russias @Lunaholic @Lunar Echo @Lunar Glow @Lulaypp @Madame Rarity @Magic Note @Mammon @Mandalagan @Marciblook @Megas @Mentis Soliloquy @Midnight Blossom @Midnight Danny @MidnightFire1222@Millennium Shadow @Mini @MintySweet @Miss @Misty Breeze @Moondrop 💧 @Nature Tune @Nightfall Gloam @Nsxile 🔥🐲 @Ocean Breeze @Odyssey @Oleks@Pandora 🐼 @Pastel Heart @Pathfinder @Patty Thundersnow @Phosphor @Pinkie_Pi @Platinum Night @Platinum Sonnet @PonkiePoo @Princess Moonlight @Prospekt @PuddingPonyPal @Rainy Day @Randimaxis @RaraLover @Rarity the Snowperior @Reality Check @Renegade the Unicorn @Rising Dusk @Rulerofblocks @RulesofRarity @Sabrinie @Samurai Equine @Sapphire Lightning @SaraEH @Scarlet02 @ShadOBabe @Sherbie-kun <3 @Sliding Bolt @Smile @Snow @SolarFlare13 @Sonic Shimmer @Sparklefan1234 @SparklingSwirls @Splashee @Star Silk @Stardust* @Stardust Balance @Starlighty  @StarrySkyDash @Stellafera@Stone Cold Steve Tuna @StormBlaze @strongwilled_pegasus @Summer Breeze @Sunamena @Sven Utacien@Sweet Palette @Sweet Pen @Synniken @Tacodidra @Tao @Techno Universal @TheGleaner @thegoodhen @Thuja @Thunderbass (Ceased)@TigerGeekGuy @ToastedScone @TomDaBombMLP @Totally Nyx @TotallyNotNyx @Treeglow Flicker @Tropical Melody @Twilight Luna @Tweek @Twisted Cyclone 🚓 @Unicorncob @Valencia @Vampira Heart @Victoria Sponge @VinylWubs @WanderingPony @Widdershins @Will Guide @Windy Breeze @Writer Rhyme @Yellow Diamond @Yoshi89 @You @Yoye Wolfgrel @Zeal Crown @ZiggWheelsManning @zigragirl 





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I'm exhausted from my full-time job today which I'm settling into quite well after 3 months at Walmart but I'll still tell you something awesome

Basically all those months ago I thought I would never have a full-time job and yet here I am working 40 hours a week at a Walmart just 17 minutes away

Now honestly I thought that I'd be working at Disneyland by now but I couldn't even make it past training due to my physical limitation that would render me working a job there very impractical to the point where HR and my trainer both agree that maybe I should wait for a better job. But in the end I made the decision to separate from Walt Disney Company because all they were offering is a part-time work and it likely would have taken a long time for them to find anything that would suit my restriction. So me taking a more long full time job at a Walmart that is much closer would be much more beneficial in the long run since I don't tire out so easily anymore.

But for the short while I was technically in the employ of the Walt Disney Company from January 2020 to January 2022 it was magical being a cast member if only for a short while. Even if covid-19 never happened I likely wouldn't have made it past training anyway and would have wanted to go for a much more practical job I have right now 

Last time I have been to Disneyland Resort theme park, it was during a Halloween theme party in California Adventure last late September but one day I shall return to the OG Disneyland again as a Guest. 

Plus in the past several weeks, I am very proud of the artwork I commissioned @MidnightFire1222 to make for me all because of my new found love for the Pixar movie Luca that came out last summer. That movie had fired my imagination and I've been thinking about writing another story again that takes place in the world of Luca even if it is all just in my head at this point

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